Yay! You made it! If you are on this page that means you are just moments away from purchasing WOMEN WHO DREAM — 30 Stories to inspire big beliefs and big dreams!

Thank you so much for being a part of this magic. It has been a lifelong dream to publish my story and I am incredibly honored and humbled to be a co-author of this incredible book! I have a feeling this is the first of many books!

In this book, you will find inspiring stories from 30 women who have had the courage to dream, take brave action, and create a life of inspiration and joy.

You will see in these stories, going after a dream is not for the faint of heart and often requires radical bravery, courage, and self-trust!

May these stories inspire you to take brave action, activate your own courage and strengthen your own self-trust to create whatever it is that brings you joy in your life!


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I used to get in trouble for asking too many questions.

I used to be a super ball bouncing from one interest to the next.

I used to have open incomplete projects, ideas, and dreams.

I have learned how to harness my creativity and now I guide others to harness theirs.

I have a joyous life now because I decided to get unstuck and took massive imperfect actions.

I believe in happy endings to stories & life since I was 7 years old.

And I’ve never stopped!

I love to Coach others and see them achieve their visions and dreams…

And now –it was worth my leap of faith over fear –  it’s with much excitement (and a little (read: a lot) of nerves!) I am so thrilled to share one of my stories with the world as a co-author for WOMEN WHO DREAM!

My love and passion for helping people have come together in the most amazing way!

Women Who Dream will be available on Amazon 

I can’t wait to share this with you!


Lori Anne is a Best Selling Author, Certified Professional Transformational Success Coach, Marketing Positioner and Strategist, Personal Development Success Coach, International Speaker, and Radio Show Host of ‘Healthy Lifestyle with Lori Anne’. Lori Anne has been featured on News 12, in the LI Business News, and on many other news, TV, and radio platforms.

Lori Anne had the honor of being interviewed by and featured in Jack Canfield’s Tv Show “Talking About Success with Jack Canfield”.
 She has also shared the keynote stage with celebrity and best-selling author Dr. Debi Silber and featured as one of the “fab 14” in her book “Trust Again”

Lori Anne has received the prestigious 50 Top Most Influential Women in 2018, LeTip International Mentor of the Year 2020, Power Women in the East End 2022, recognized as Ones to Watch 2021 & 2022, and Nominated Bethpage Best of LI Best Business Coach 2021 & 2022

Lori Anne received her degree in Economics and Business Administration from Empire State College. After 35 years in the public and corporate private sectors cultivating her business, marketing, and mentoring tools, Lori Anne decided it was time to go into business for herself to step into her vision and dreams.

Lori Anne’s passion is intuitively coaching her clients through their own transformations, and breakthroughs and seeing the possibilities in achieving their vision and dreams. To empower, inspire and educate. Lori Anne accomplishes this through speaking engagements, programs, retreats, her books, 1:1 & group coaching work, and live events. Her mission is to use her love and compassion to illuminate and empower others to find and embrace their life’s purpose; live their highest vision, and forge a strong foundation to Soar to Success™

You can read one of Lori Anne’s stories in Women Who Dream available on Amazon.